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Perrywinkle Customs - The first project

A 9 foot tall street legal DALEK.

Inspired by a motorized church bell that I came across whilst showing my Ford Pop at a show in Ostend, the Dalek (built in 1984) is possibly the most outrageous car I have built so far.

It was just plain ridiculous! At 9’ tall it was fairly unstable as it tottered around on top of a Mini sub frames with Hydrolastic suspension, corners were not to be taken at speed!

The dome on top rotated and a 250 watt sound system blasted out “You will be exterminated” to unsuspecting pedestrians and policemen ! The 850 cc engine meant the Dalek wasn't that quick, in fact I once got pulled over by a policeman on a push bike, he was going to book me for an over sized ray gun, as it stuck out beyond the perimeter of the vehicle! After contacting the station he was told to leave me alone, someone there obviously had the common sense to foresee the court case, with the policeman in the witness box and me in the dock dressed as a cyberman!



'EXTERMINATE' all cyclists



Out shopping in Aylesbury



A pair of mini subframes, 2x1 box section and a cupboard door for a bulkhead!



Dalek body starts to take shape. In those days I couldn’t even weld and a friend used to come round every couple of weeks and weld for me.



Note the RSJ filled with concrete in order to equalize the weight, in order that the hydrolastic suspension would work!


Can you spot the for sale sign I “found” and utilized?



An early blueprint! Download PDF >HERE<





Parking ticket ?   Standing 1/4 mile ! - Santa Pod Raceway



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